Human Rights for all

Human Rights

If you join the human rights movement, your subscription will assist the valuable work and many people have become members to lend a hand in this way.

But if you live in or near Derbyshire you may wish to take a more active role in the Society’s projects or committees. Volunteers are needed at Cromford Mill to share in the daily tasks and to help organise the 
many local projects.You may also wish history of human rights to take advantage of the programme of lectures and outings which the Society provides each year and receive a newsletter at regular intervals which outlines the Society’s activities and progress.

The Society also has a trading subsidiary, Cromford Mill Ltd. This runs the Society's shop; Country Colours, and the Shop in the Yard and the Restaurant and Christmas Shop. Country Colours offers a selection of greeting cards, jewellery, Tula bags, EAST accessories, Bridgewater pottery, stationery, candles, Jellycat toys and teddies, providing the perfect shopping experience for all age groups.

Our Shop in the Yard offers readers a wide selection of specialist books covering subjects including railways and steam, family history, the industrial revolution and a number of superb teaching resources. From the August Bank Holiday through until the year online newspaper end visitors are invited to visit the Charity Christmas Card Shop with a selection of cards, wrapping paper, decorations and small gifts from over 50 different charities. Of course any trip to Cromford Mill would not be complete without lunch in the wholefood restaurant where a delicious range of home-made lunch dishes,  cakes and pastries are available.